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Introductions and Classifieds

 I have recently been approached by a number of individuals and organizations that are looking for opportunities in global health, or people to fill needs.

This page will serve as an opportunity to introduce yourself or your organization’s needs. Think of it as a “help wanted” page for global health.


4 Responses to “Introductions and Classifieds”

  1. chads said

    I am an emergency physician. I also have a diploma in clinical tropical medicine, which I earned in Peru. More recently, I have been on the Board of Advisers for a small NGO in Mozambique, Care for Life. I have been there three times and have worked on public health projects in AIDS and malaria. I am currently a Masters of Public Health (MPH) student at Johns Hopkins.

    I am interested in health systems development, community health interventions, child survival, and evaluation and monitoring.

    I hope to develop a long-term relationship with an organization and/or institution part to full-time. I hope to design, evaluate, and/or implement projects that can be scaled-up and that are evidence-based. While I am not limiting my future to academics, I am very interested in an academic approach to global health. I highly value publishing, mentoring, and teaching. I am also interested in global health advocacy.

  2. benjamincrookston said

    Chad, I think this is a great idea. Since you already introduced me a few weeks ago on your website, I won’t do so again here. I will, however, direct people I know to this link. Nice work.

  3. chads said

    Thanks, Ben. I hope this catches on. My limited experience suggests that NGOs and potential volunteers/workers will both be better off if there is more open and transparent communication about needs and opportunities. In other words, it seems to me that we should do what we can to find the best person for the job as opposed to someone who happens to show up, or someone that we happen to know.

    I’ll copy your into here so that we have them in the same place:

    “Ben works as a research associate at the University of Utah in the Public Health Program. He holds degrees in public health and zoology from Brigham Young University, where he also works as part-time faculty instructing classes in research methods and international health. His research interests largely focus on child survival epidemiology in the developing world. He has carried out research in Ghana, Cambodia, India, and South Africa. Benjamin is presently completing coursework for a doctoral degree in public health at the University of Utah and anticipates graduating in the spring of 2009.”

  4. David R. Vago said

    Did you graduate from Welby Elementary or a Jordan School District Elementary School between 1993-2005?

    Volunteers are needed for a health and stress research study.

    Participants will be reimbursed $75 for their time, with potential for up to $125 for
    additional testing.

    Your participation Involves:
    Questionnaires, computer-based attention tests
    Maximum total time approximately 1.5 hours (over one session)

    No radiation, medication, or invasive procedures

    Must be:
    Male or female graduate from Welby Elementary or a Jordan School District
    Elementary between 1993 and 2005

    Contact: Research Coordinators at 617-732-9116 or bwhfnl@partners.org
    Sponsored by Harvard Medical School and the University of Utah

    Partners Human Research Committee
    APPROVAL Effective Date
    July 23, 2012

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