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Right now, this blog consists entirely of my ramblings. That would be fine, I guess, if I had all of the answers to the unacceptable global health disparities. Unfortunately, I don’t. So, I’m looking for co-bloggers and guest bloggers and other helpers. I think that about 8-10 people total would be ideal.

So, if you agree (or if you know someone that does) that something more must be done about the current global health situation, and if you think that a blog is a good way to share ideas, announce events, etc., email me at unacceptableglobalhealth at gmail dot com.

Ideally, my co-bloggers would need at least as much experience OR motivation as I have (not too tough). Also, at least a year commitment would be ideal. For now, my blog is directed to the LDS (MORMON) and Utah Valley, Utah communities because they are my communities.

Don’t worry. I’d be willing to change the blog background, interface, (or even the name!). My goal isn’t to create a cool blog; it’s to decrease health disparities.

Here are a few specific needs that I think could be filled:

NGO Liaison: I envision someone contacting NGOs (Non-Governmental Organizations) that are involved in global health periodically to see what projects they are involved in, what their needs are, etc. Of most interest would be NGOs that have some connection to the Mormon and/or Utah Valley communities. That summary could be posted on this blog.

BYU and UVSC (and University of Utah?) Liaison: I believe that university students (and others their age) have much to offer global health, and I hope that this blog can serve as a way for students to learn about global health and opportunities. I envision someone volunteering as a liaison between all of the clubs (international, development, nursing, pre-med, etc) and this site. Periodic (monthly?) updates would be helpful.

Presidential Candidate Updater: As the presidential campaigns get rolling, I think that it would be a good idea to have a summary and updates of each canidate’s positions (past and present), record, and experiences with global health. This would be an objective, non-partisan account. I’m not sure if anyone else is or will be doing this, so it might be a great opportunity. (I also don’t think that I’ll have time, so I hope someone else volunteers!)

Computer Person: I haven’t even been able to figure out how to post pictures on this blog yet! If someone could help with making this a better looking blog, that would be great.

Again, if you’re interested, email me at unacceptableglobalhealth at gmail dot com


9 Responses to “HELP WANTED!”

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  2. As a NGO involved in health projects in Ghana and Paraguay I think it’s a great idea to have liaison’s to contact NGOs and university students/college age kids…this will help individuals know what opportunities there are out there to get involved should they have the opportunity to serve in other countries. It’s imperative that students/individuals are aware of internship/volunteer opportunities, so this would certainly help get the two groups together.
    Great idea…and I wish i could volunteer to do the job!

  3. chads said

    Thanks for stopping by, Sarah. I have always envisioned this site serving as a resource for NGOs. I have included your organization on the links on the right.

    I agree that a common meeting place for potential volunteers, with links to opportunities is needed. Here are a few other benefits of this site for NGOs like yours:

    -Q&A: If you have specific, on-the-ground questions about global health, let me know and I will research the answer, using the best evidence.

    -Updates: You could give periodic updates of global health projects that your NGO is involved in.

  4. Ryan Lindsay said

    Chad, it was nice meeting you last night, thank you for making your home available. I’m a pretty avid blogger and would love to contribute however you need me to. Contacting NGO’s is what I believe you said you needed help with, which is what I’m willing to do! Let me know

  5. chads said


    It was good to meet you and your wife as well. I think it was a good discussion; I should have a post about it in a few days.

    It would be great if you could serve as an NGO liason. Having said that, I do want to emphasize that for the sake of continuity and efficiency, I hope you can commit to at least a year. I’ll send you an email.

  6. jordan hall said

    I spoke with you today at work about your blog, and i saw that you need a liason at uvsc. I am a student there, and I know alot of the kids that are bio major/pre-med, so if i can be of any help to you, just let me know.

  7. chads said

    Thanks for stopping by, Jordan. I think that the 2 main ways you could help would be:

    1. Keep us updated here with global health activities at UVSC: lectures, trips, activities, etc.

    2. Announce Utah Valley Global Health Group and other activities to the UVSC community.

  8. jordan hall said

    i just thought i would let you know about my blog for my trip to Peru. I just got back this week, and it was quite the experience. the website is http://www.tpaida.org. this will put you on the main page. then scroll down to student blogs and check out the different things that each student has written about their experience in Peru. my blog also includes some pictures and descriptions. Enjoy.
    jordan hall

  9. chads said

    Looks like a great trip, and a great opportunity, Jordan. Thanks for the link! (As I told you before, I love Iquitos!)

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