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Perspective: BYU’s MPH Program

Posted by ryanlindsay on July 4, 2009

Two months ago I finished the Master of Public Health (MPH) program at Brigham Young University (BYU). This is a reflection on the general aspects of the program that hopefully will help those wanting personal perspective on the program or those considering affiliating with the MPH program, as a student or partner.

BYU’s MPH program just accepted its 8th cohort of students and received continuing accreditation from CEPH; it is hardly a new program anymore. The way I see it, the future of public health at BYU is bright but growth will be slow. I am very satisfied with the education that I received at BYU as a student. Here is my take on the program (and since I’ve finished I can say whatever I want right?)…
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Best websites: Resources for teaching, presenting or learning global health

Posted by ryanlindsay on March 11, 2009

Chad’s previous post of Hans Rosling’s TED talk reminded me of a list that I have been wanting to post for a while. Below are some of my favorite resources that I have used to help explain or present global health issues. These websites have been passed on to me from past professors and friends. If you have something to add then please share in the comments!

Be your own Hans Rosling and create bubble plots with all sorts of variables.

World Clock
Brings numbers down to a level we can more easily comprehend.

Rx for survival
Great PBS series, with clips and other interactive material.

BBC Survival TV
Nice documentaries on global health shown in their entirety.

Johns Hopkins Free Courseware
The trend in open courseware should make us all happy!

Google trends
Not a perfect model, but an exciting idea on how to track disease outbreaks (obviously wouldn’t work in countries with low access to the web).

Spy on the world’s various outbreaks.

Answers the general question “What is public health?” pretty well for a general audience.

A great resource for speeches on a range of subjects. Be sure to check outy Hans Rosling’s and Bill Gates’ speeches.

Harvard World Health News
Weekly updates from various news sources on global (and domestic) health issues.

Great for demonstrations as you can capture what is going on on your computer screen. Also great for capturing Youtube videos to replay them at BYU!

NPR – Global Health
General global health news from a trusty source.

A repository of lectures on global health.

Facing the Future
Another list of resources (some geared towards teenagers).

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Maternal Mortality by Mallory Peterson

Posted by benjamincrookston on December 10, 2008

Maternal mortality has a huge impact on global health. If a mother dies the likely hood of a child surviving decreases. Also, if a woman is educated her health and her family’s health go up. The most mothers are dying in two regions Africa and Asia. Over three-quarters of maternal deaths are a result of direct complications of pregnancy and childbirth. These problems are not things we cannot prevent or cure, but society of these regions have not decided that women are important and need more care and attention. I think a big part of the solution is to empower women through education. Changing society is long time goal, but there are small things in health care such as training and educating personnel can make a difference. Ultimately I hope that someday the importance of women will be noticed in all societies to make a major change in health. But by our small efforts in health we can spread awareness and hopefully bridge that gap.

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Charlie Rose panel on Global Health

Posted by chads on November 6, 2007

Here’s a pretty good video summarizing the current global health situation.

(Thanks, thd global health blog!)

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