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A blog about global health for those living in Utah Valley and their friends.

Announcements and Events

I will keep this page updated with global-health related events.

I am convinced that social change comes about when people of different backgrounds with varied talents unite for a common cause, that “who you know is more important than what you know.” So, I’d like to get to know people, communicate, and collaborate. One way is through this blog. Here are a few other ideas for those of you that live close to Provo, Utah: (If you live elsewhere, perhaps you can organize get-togethers for people interested in global health!)

-Every 3 months or so, the Utah Valley Global Health Group will sponsor an informal, ethnic dinner, as well as discussion about global health. Our first meeting was on April 7, and the theme was be “microcredit and health.” See here for details. Our next one will be on October 19, and the theme will be “leprosy.” I will give a brief overview of the global burden of leprosy, and Sylvia Finlayson, the Director of Program Development for Rising Star Outreach, will share her experiences. As always, the dinner is very informal (come and go as you like), and plan on bringing a side dish. Please RSVP to this email: unacceptableglobalhealth at gmail dot com, and I will send directions.

-As noted here, our RESULTS group meets the second Saturday of the month at 12 noon, at 2198 JFSB on BYU campus. We hope you’ll stop by!

4 Responses to “Announcements and Events”

  1. […] Announcements and Events […]

  2. […] Announcements and Events […]

  3. Kai Lashley said

    Hello there,

    While doing research for an article on micro-credit financing and health-care provision I’ve written, I came across your blog. I agree wholeheartedly with your comments above that “who you know is more important than what you know”, and my intuition suggested I leave this message. Perhaps there are linkages between the blogs members that can be explored and utilized.

    My interests are in micro finance and health care specifically, and for-profit social enterprises in general. While traveling in Argentina this past March, I visited several MFIs, and had the privilege to meet their staff and clients. From this experience, I have written several articles on the topic of micro finance.

    An article on MFIs and health I wrote will be published in the Bulletin of the World Health Organization in January 2008. If of interest to you and the blog (I am new to blogs, and I’m not sure of the modes of conduct), I will submit the URL link here when the article is published.

    I have bookmarked this blog, and will definitely come back to visit!

    All the best,

  4. chads said

    Thanks for stopping by, Kai. I share your interest in microfinance (and microfranchising) and health. The burning question I have is: will the consumer choose to purchase and use those interventions that have proven to be successful?

    Please do post the URL to your article; sounds interesting!


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