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Health Systems get-together, and HSIA sign-on activated

Posted by chads on July 3, 2009

2 brief announcements:

1. The call to action for Health Systems Impact Assessments was published today in the Lancet. -Consider Signing onto the call here.

2. On July 8, at 5pm, we will have an informal meeting at my house to discuss “Transforming Health Systems.” All are invited. Drs. Henry Mosley (Johns Hopkins), and Kirk Dearden (Boston University) will be joining us. Respond to this email for directions and questions: ghsias@gmail.com.


9 Responses to “Health Systems get-together, and HSIA sign-on activated”

  1. Ryan Lindsay said

    I plan on being at the meeting. Sounds very exciting.

  2. chads said

    Great, Ryan. Look forward to seeing you. I should mention: Mosley and Dearden will be joining us BY SKYPE (not in person). Should still be a good discussion.

    Also, do what you can to pass the word around. I’m swamped until then.

  3. ryanlindsay said

    SKYPE is definitely not as cool as in person…but I’ll still be there (I was going to ask what you had to do to get Dr. Mosley to Provo)!

  4. ryanlindsay said

    That was a very interesting discussion on Wednesday. Thanks for sponsoring it. Health systems is a hot fire topic in global health right now. Obama said in his address from Ghana – “we won’t confront illnesses in isolation – we will invest in public health systems that promote wellness, and focus on the health of mothers and children.” However, there seem to be lots of questions regarding the practicalities of implementing more “systems approaches.” I would like to learn more!

    • chads said

      Thanks, Ryan. I, too, enjoyed it.

      HS is a “hot fire topic.” The question, of course, is why? Is it just the next global health fad, or is there something to it? I think there’s something to it.

      I’m very interested in the “practicalities of implementing more ‘systems approaches'” HUGE topic!

  5. Could somebody share highlights for those who were unable to attend?

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