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Research Assistant and Volunteer Opportunities

Posted by chads on May 16, 2009

See here for details.


10 Responses to “Research Assistant and Volunteer Opportunities”

  1. Shawn Platt said

    I am very interested in doing research. I am a BYU student studying Physiology and planning on applying to Dental School next spring.

  2. chads said

    Great! There are instructions for those interested here: http://ghsia.wordpress.com/2009/05/16/call-to-action-to-be-published-soon/

  3. Hi, is this research and volunteer opportunities still available? I am VERY interested, please at least e-mail me back and let me know, thanks so much.


    • bienthuy said

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  4. nuwan said

    this web is a really use for us. i so interest with this.

  5. I am a BYU student. I am very interested in doing research. I’ve really enjoyed reading your different blog. They are so informative and interesting.

  6. great information. thank you

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