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BYU’s 2nd Annual Global Maternal and Child Health Conference

Posted by chads on January 20, 2009

I went to this conference last year and was glad I did.  See here for details.

The Global Maternal and Child Health Conference at BYU is a one-day symposium addressing various mother, newborn, and child health issues with emphasis on a family perspective. The 2009 conference highlights various epidemiological data and scientific information gleaned from the studies conducted of the best researchers and practitioners in the field presented in a series of maternal, neonatal, and child survival articles published in The Lancet.

The conference will emphasize the need to act together on this knowledge and to work collaboratively to achieve the Millennium Development Goals by 2015. Plenary speakers and panelists will discuss family-based solutions, research findings, partnerships models, best practices and methods from the field that have been found to be effective in promoting, achieving, and sustaining the health of mothers, newborns, and children.

The symposium brings together the university community, medical and health sector, government and non-government agencies in an event that brings to the fore the major health needs and issues that compromise the health, future, and life of mothers and children worldwide. The conference is structured as follows:

  1. Morning Plenary Session – features guest speakers with expertise in global health issues
  2. Afternoon Panel Discussions – features presenters sharing research findings as well as best practices and lessons in the field.

Call for Papers

Mother, Newborn, and Child Health Conference

2nd Annual Global Maternal and Child Health Conference

March 20, 2009

Abstracts Due: February 1, 2009

The purpose of the Global Maternal and Child Health Conference at BYU is to provide students, faculty, professionals, and volunteers with an outstanding opportunity to understand successful evidence-based interventions for improving global health. This year the conference will specifically focus on family-based solutions to health challenges, and feature key officials from the Pan American Health Organization.
Paper/Poster Topics:

  • The impact of culture and lifestyle on health outcomes of women and children
  • Family health history as a prevention tool
  • Infectious disease impact on mother, newborn, or child health
  • The role of NGOs in meeting global maternal and child health challenges
  • The impact of primary health care on maternal, newborn, and child health
  • Health outcomes in resource-constrained areas
  • Global health and diversity: maternal/newborn/child issues

Submission Deadline:
Materials must be received by 5:00 p.m. on February 1, 2009. Acknowledgement that materials arrived on time will be sent via e-mail.

Submission Format
All abstracts, not to exceed 300 words (one page), are to be submitted via e-mail to mnch.call.forpapers@gmail.com. Please follow the abstract guidelines listed below according to whether the abstract discusses a research project or an interventional or educational project.

Research: Purposes/Aims; Rationale/Conceptual Basis/Background; Methods; Results; Implications

Project Papers: Purposes/Aims; Rationale/Background; brief description of the undertaking, including the approach, methods, or process used; Outcomes achieved/documented; Conclusions, emphasizing implications for clinical or educational practices; and recommendations for research or future undertakings

Abstract Selection and Notification: The Abstract Selection Committee will meet in February to review and select abstracts and to finalize the conference program and schedule. (The Committee will assign the time of presentation for each podium or poster abstract on the conference schedule. The Abstract Selection Committee reserves the right to accept abstracts as a podium or poster presentation.) If your abstract is accepted for presentation, the first author will be notified around February 20, 2009 by e-mail regarding the presentation time. If there is more than one author, the first author will need to share the information with the other authors.

Conference Registration
Presenter registration fees will be waived, but all presenters must register by phone (801) 422-8925 in order to be counted for name badges and lunches.

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Monday Get-Together

Posted by chads on January 17, 2009

I will have a few students over for a (very) informal lunch on Monday, 1/18 at my house.  Anyone interested is invited; just RSVP at unacceptableglobalhealth (at) gmail (dot) com.

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