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Global Health Research: Experiences and Lessons Learned

Posted by chads on October 26, 2008

The Utah Valley Global Health Group will be getting together on November 13 at 7pm for an informal discussion and desserts.  The topic will be “Global Health Research: Experiences and Lessons Learned.” Ben Crookston, Josh West, and myself will be sharing our experiences, and we hope others will share theirs as well. Bring a dessert to share. For directions (it will be in Provo), and to RSVP, email unacceptable global health at gmail dot com (no spaces). If you have any general questions, please include them in a comment below so that all can have access to the answer. Hope to see you there!


One Response to “Global Health Research: Experiences and Lessons Learned”

  1. chads said

    Looks like there will be a decent-sized group coming. Here are a few quick answers to questions:

    -No need to have your own research to discuss! In fact, one of the main reasons we want to do this is to expose people with interest but little experience with those that do have experience.

    -Some may want to bring appetizers instead of desserts. I’ll take care of drinks, napkins, etc.

    -Pass the word around. The more the better!

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