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Don’t Get Discouraged by Jessica Hansen

Posted by benjamincrookston on August 12, 2008

Becoming more involved in an international health class has made me realize the importance of knowing how to implement and manage programs aimed at improving health in developing countries.  There seem to be a lot of organizations that have really great intentions, but lack in the program planning part of carrying out their motives.

A lot of programs fail because they ignore many aspects of the populations and forget that many problems are multi-dimensional and therefore require more in depth research. However, while remembering that a small percentage of programs actually are efficient and reach the end goal, it is important to not let this discourage you from helping others. I think most people in general are really good people and just want to do good, so don’t let the ones out there that aren’t that way ruin your aspirations. A lot could be accomplished in the world if everyone with their different knowledge expertise came together and developed a program for many health disparities in the world.


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