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Utah NGO Round-Up

Posted by ryanlindsay on May 22, 2008

Here is the first of what will become a regular posting on Non-governmental Organizations (NGOs) working in global health and development. It is anticipated that these postings will help NGOs advertise for volunteers,interns,consultants or fundraising events. At the same time volunteers, interns, consultants and donors will have information regarding Utah-based NGOs. Ideally I would like to get past the introductions and delve into the meat of what is done by the NGOs so that these postings could be of greater service and substance. Here is a start of what I’ve found, more links to NGOs are in the margin.

  • Mothers Without Borders is an NGO based in American Fork since 1996 and has worked throughout the world. Current efforts focus on disadvantaged children throughout Africa. This organization is constantly taking humanitarian aid expeditions. Teams for the summer expeditions have filled up and now they are accepting applications for their October trip.

  • Globus Relief was founded in Utah in 1996. While working in the salvage retail industry, founders Kelly Farmer and Robert Haltom were saddened to see that viable medical and hygiene supplies frequently went to waste. Certain that these resources could be rescued and put to good use, Farmer and Haltom created Globus Relief to efficiently channel excess supplies to humanitarian projects, both locally and internationally. A resourceful idea!

  • Based in SLC the Ouelessebougou-Utah Alliance has annual public health and medical expeditions to Mali. The alliance seems to be a more established and organized NGO, since they have been serving Ouelessebougou for 22 years. Also the opportunity exists to serve on their health committee, which meets monthly in SLC. If you have skills and interest that would support your becoming a member of this committee, let them know.

  • Cause for Hope is based in South Jordan and focuses on building economic reliance through microcredit, education, business training and teaching English, and missionary assistance for LDS church members in Latin America.

  • Koins for Kenya is an Alpine based NGO that focuses in economic development and education in Kenya.

If you are from an NGO and you would like something specific advertised, you can email me at unacceptableglobalhealth@gmail.com and I’ll post to this blog.


One Response to “Utah NGO Round-Up”

  1. chads said

    Thanks for the summary, Ryan. I hope that this site (or another) can serve as a meeting place for NGOs and others to encourage collaboration.

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