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Monitoring and Evaluating Development Projects

Posted by kdearden on April 24, 2008

Some possible steps to carrying out monitoring and evaluation

1. Agree upon a rationale for conducting monitoring and evaluation
2. Secure funding (should have already been budgeted)
3. Identify stakeholders
4. Decide on a target audience
5. Involve stakeholders in decisions about the evaluation including the 7 steps of planning
6. Use 7 steps framework for planning evaluation
7. Finalize target audience for results and determine how findings will be used
8. Hire a consultant if necessary
9. Review detailed action plans (DAPs) and determine what you said you’d do and how you’d do it
10. Review the literature (both in country and globally) to find out what has already been done with respect to innovative evaluation methods and to the topic you are evaluating
11. Identify standard “tools”
12. Establish a conceptual framework
13. Design study (type as well as methods to be used)
14. Secure community permission to carry out the study
15. Secure institutional support as needed (IRB, agency itself)
16. Reach conclusions about sampling (methods, universe, sample size, selection of clusters, households, respondents, etc.)
17. Secure lists for sampling universe
18. Develop data collection instruments
19. Identify interviewers and supervisors
20. Develop interviewer and supervisor manuals
21. Train interviewers and supervisors including lots of field practice
22. Prepare for data collection
23. Carry out data collection
24. Supervise data collection, monitor quality of data collected
25. Enter, clean and manage data
26. Analyze data
27. Write reports
28. Disseminate and use results


One Response to “Monitoring and Evaluating Development Projects”

  1. You have mentioned some really important information. A lot of development projects fail just because of lack of proper evaluation.

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