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Mothers—The Keystone of Society by Cami Rooney

Posted by benjamincrookston on April 10, 2008

After recently working many hour researching maternal mortality in Afghanistan and it’s surrounding countries a key principle has made itself manifest about not only Middle Eastern-Southeast Asian regions but about society as a whole: Mother truly are the keystone of society. Most people are familiar with or have heard reference to the poor state of which women live in Afghanistan and blame is most commonly placed on the heads of groups such as the Taliban. Economically, politically, socio-culturally, medically, etc. this country, no larger than the state of Texas, struggles to sustain itself and remain free from chaos. This region, referred to in the Sage Journals as the “patriarchal belt” (Moghadam, Valentine M., “Patriarchy and the Politics of Gender in Modernising Societies:Iran, Pakistan and Afghanistan”), has a much larger problem that roots far deeper than the stringent regulations and tactics of terrorist groups. Afghanistan is dying because it’s mothers are dying every 30 minutes in childbirth. As the keystone of society we owe much to the teachings and guidance of our mothers. It is in the home that we learn our first lesson in ethics and morals, right from wrong. And it is more commonly our mothers that are there doing the teaching. When a young family of 6 to 7 children (Afghanistan fertility rate WHO Statistics Report 2007) is left with no mother in the home a father with no nurturing or “fatherly” skills, the children are much more likely to develop not only a distorted view of society—cultural norms and mores—but also they are also more likely to have developmental issues. When 49.7% of the population is under the age of 15 and 57% of women are married off before the legal age of 16 (WHO Statistics Report 2007) it’s no wonder that the country is being run as though by little children; in many cases it is.


One Response to “Mothers—The Keystone of Society by Cami Rooney”

  1. chads said

    Great post, Cami, and thanks for the references. Are you suggesting that all public health interventions be provided through mothers?

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