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Dietary Supplements-How beneficial are they? by Maritza Smith

Posted by benjamincrookston on April 10, 2008

Many see dietary supplements as a easy way out to get all of their vitamins and minerals, without eating a balanced healthy diet.  The New York Times recently published an article citing the dangers that can come from taking these “beneficial” supplements.  Because vitamins are not considered a food product they are not regulated by the FDA.  This means that a producer of supplements can put any amount of vitamins in these pills.  They do not have to go through clinical testing to see if mixing this vitamin with this amount of mineral can cause any kind of damage.
A dentist in the New York Times article said that he had a patient who was going to do a routine surgery come out with serious complications because of her excessive use of vitamins.  Severe bleeding and a massive infection occurred because of the vitamins that she was taking.

The FDA has stepped up the rules now associated with supplements that requires producers of supplements to report any serious adverse side effects.  However, it has been left up to the consumer to report these.  Most consumers will not relate likely relate their health problem to taking their vitamin supplements.
Consumers need to be more ware of the dangers of taking extreme supplements and the FDA should have clearer guidelines in order to prevent future complications.

2 Responses to “Dietary Supplements-How beneficial are they? by Maritza Smith”

  1. chads said

    Do vitamin packages have warning labels?

  2. Maritza Smith said

    Vitamins do not have warning labels, they merely state “these statements have not been evaluated by the FDA.” From here, you are on your own. Just do your research on the amount of vitamins that are in a supplements.

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