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Organ Trafficking in the Philippines by Alicia Woodworth

Posted by benjamincrookston on April 7, 2008

Health Secretary Francisco Duque signed an order at the beginning of April 2008 to create a government regulatory board to oversee kidney donations and transplants. The order gives priority to Filipino patients over foreigners in the allocation of locally available kidneys. Duque also temporarily banned kidney transplants involving foreigners. This order was initiated in a response to the kidney trading that occurs in the Philippines. This occurrence opened my eyes to the organ trafficking that is occurring throughout the world. I was unaware that situations in the Philippines have allowed for the ban of kidney transplants to foreigners.


8 Responses to “Organ Trafficking in the Philippines by Alicia Woodworth”

  1. Kimi Rooney said

    I think it is a travesty that things are bad enough for people in the world that they are not only willing but feel that they have to sell there organs. I had no idea that this was even an issue. Especially to the point that legislation had to be created.

  2. Tuni Rose said

    While I lived in the Philippines there were several times when we were on alert because people were kidnapping foreigners for their organs. Most often they took kidneys but in all actuallity they would take any and all to sell. I’m grateful for people who are willing to donate their organs and feel sorry for those who steel them out of desperation. Organ trafficking is a big problem all over the world and I hope that all people are aware of the legislation and precautions.

  3. chads said


  4. Sachika Walden said

    I was in the Philippines for three months for BUY internship two years ago. While I got a change to work with local NGOs and street children, I’ve never heard of such organ trafficking there. This matter should be alerted and I also hope that people are aware of the legislation.

    The Philippines is where I could see wealth in the right eye and poverty in the left eye. The gap is so big especially in Manila. The Philippines is still a third world country, where people dream to flee from the country for a better life. Although my internship was not health related, I would love to go back there and research on health issues of the street children.

  5. chads said

    Levi Njord gave a great presentation on research on the health of street children in the Philippines at the recent BYU mothers, children, newborn conference. I’ll see if he can post soon.

  6. ryanlindsay said


    I am working with Levi on a project and I asked him if I could post his powerpoint presentation from the conference. Here is the link to the presentation.

    Levi Njord’s Presentation

  7. chads said

    Thanks, Ryan. I forgot to contact him!

  8. jual kaos said

    jual kaos…

    […]Organ Trafficking in the Philippines by Alicia Woodworth « Utah Valley Global Health Group[…]…

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