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Presidential Race and Global Health

Posted by chads on March 15, 2008

Want to know what Clinton, McCain, or Obama have to say about global health? Check this site out.


2 Responses to “Presidential Race and Global Health”

  1. Andrea Peacock said

    Those were revealing little blurbs. Because I voted for Obama I was determined not to make any preconceived judgments, but I liked the way he talked about it best. It seems he understands the history of AIDS, the multi-faceted approach that’s needed, and the scope of the problem. Supporting needle-exchange is risky for a politician, good for him.
    McCain clearly hasn’t thought twice about it.

  2. chads said

    I think that it’s pretty fascinating (and informative) to learn how political candidates and officials make decisions about issues like global health. I once heard a lecture by the legislative specialist for some global health organization (MSF?). She described how George Bush came to the decision to fund PEPFAR. I guess many of the evangelical Christians put the pressure on.

    Overall, I’m quite conflicted about politics.

    I feel strongly, though, that global health is a (to borrow Paul Farmer’s term) “morally clear” cause that should be supported by people with all political philosophies.

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