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Thoughts on international opportunities

Posted by chads on January 16, 2008

I’ve recently had several people ask for advice regarding international health trips.  For whatever it’s worth, here’s what I recommended:

-Try the best you can to get to the bottom of the following questions as soon as possible (even if you don’t really know the answer, thinking about it will guide the decisions you are trying to make):

1.  What are your motivations?  Sounds trite and preachy, but the goal of “decreasing global disparities long-term” will lead you in a much different direction than “have an adventurous, exotic vacation.”

2.  What do you really want to be doing in 15 years?  All of your experiences will build on prior.  Take advantage of all opportunities.

After asking myself those questions (and 3 trips to Mozambique, 2 to Peru, one to Samoa, Mexico), I have come to the (painful!) commitment that i will not go on an international trip unless:

1.  I have a clearly defined role
2.  There is good evaluation and monitoring
3.  There is the possibility of publication
4.  There is the possibility of long-term collaboration
5.  Commitment to evidence-based interventions.

Here are a few resources you may want to look into:

1.  Global health Council:  weekly email is excellent
2.  CORE group (www.coregroup.org) has a weekly job announcement that is also very good.


One Response to “Thoughts on international opportunities”

  1. […] specialty choice, etc.)? It seems to me that the best way to answer all of these questions is to try to imagine where you picture yourself in 5 years? 10 years? 30 years? Do you want to become proficient at practicing medicine in developing […]

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