Utah Valley Global Health Group

A blog about global health for those living in Utah Valley and their friends.

Utah Valley Global Health Group

Posted by chads on October 25, 2007

A few months ago some friends and I started the Utah Valley Global Health Group.  The idea is quite simple:  we were just looking for a place (physical and/or cyber) where people who think that the current global health situation cannot be can get together.  This past meeting, we introduced a four-prong mission:

1.  Encourage collaboration between individuals, institutions, universities, NGOs, and others involved in global health.

2.  Encourage the implementation of evidence-based global health interventions through education.

3. Increase the public’s knowledge of and interest in global health issues through political advocacy, newspaper editorials, activities, etc.

4.  Provide a venue for people recently interested in global health to network, learn of opportunities, get a mentor, etc.

If you have any additions or changes to this “mission statement,” chime in below.


One Response to “Utah Valley Global Health Group”

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