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Posted by chads on August 18, 2007

I stumbled across this website this morning. Eldis is part of the Institute of Development Studies in Sussex, England, and “aims to share the best in development, policy, practice and research.” There are over 18,000 documents free to download from it’s website, and they are organized into over 20 subjects. (I will be visiting health systems often.)

“The aim of Eldis is to:

* support the documentation, exchange and use of evidence-based development knowledge
* communicate this knowledge effectively through a range of appropriately designed services, using the Internet (web and email) as the main communication medium for delivery
* reach audiences of researchers, development practitioners and policy formers at national and international levels
* play a role in the processes of evidence-based policy formation
* provide this information and services free of charge at point of use”

Looks like a great resource!


2 Responses to ““Eldis””

  1. Sylvia said

    I use this website all the time. I subscribe to the different email alerts/rss feeds by topic.

    Another great resource is PAHO:
    This message from the Pan American Health Organization, PAHO/WHO, is part of an effort to disseminate
    information Related to: Equity; Health inequality; Socioeconomic inequality in health; Socioeconomic
    health differentials; Gender; Violence; Poverty; Health Economics; Health Legislation; Ethnicity; Ethics;
    Information Technology – Virtual libraries; Research & Science issues. [DD/ IKM Area]

    “Materials provided in this electronic list are provided “as is”. Unless expressly stated otherwise, the findings
    and interpretations included in the Materials are those of the authors and not necessarily of The Pan American
    Health Organization PAHO/WHO or its country members”.
    PAHO/WHO Website: http://www.paho.org/
    EQUITY List – Archives – Join/remove: http://listserv.paho.org/Archives/equidad.html

  2. chads said

    Thanks for stopping by, Sylvia. I’ll check out the PAHO Equity listserve.

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