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April 7 Meeting: Micro-Credit and Health

Posted by chads on May 7, 2007

I haven’t posted in over a month for personal reasons: new baby, oral emergency medicine exam, etc. I should be posting more frequently now, but we’ll just have to see…

By just about any measure, the Utah Valley Global Health Group’s first informal dinner was a success. We met on April 7 at Ned and Claralyn Hill’s home. Over 30 people came: students, NGO representatives, LDS missionaries, interested citizens, etc. There was also a wonderful variety of food.

I began the discussion with a 10-minute review of the micro-credit/health literature. In summary, while more research is desperately needed, there is some evidence that suggests that combining health interventions with existing micro-credit is effective. I hope to post a Q&A answering the question “How effective are micro-credit programs that are combined with health interventions?” soon.

Kirk Dearden then gave a summary of his involvement with Food for the Hungry. Kirk is one of the primary investigators with the Microfinance and Health Protection (MAHP) initiative.

Todd Manwaring finished the discussion from a micro-credit perspective. He introduced various types of micro-finance that involve health, including micro-insurance, and micro franchising. He also recommended the micro-finance gateway. While not peer-reviewed, it does provide thousands of documents that one can download.

We are planning our next informal dinner in the fall, and hope you’ll join us! I will post details here when we make definite plans.


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