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April 7 Invitation

Posted by chads on March 18, 2007

The Utah Valley Global Health Group Invites you to the 1st Semiannual


Theme: “Health and Micro Credit”

When? April 7th, 5:30-7:30pm
Where? Claralyn and Ned Hill’s home (Provo, Utah)
Why? Too many suffer needlessly
Itinerary: 5:30: Socialize

“Health and Micro credit: A Review of the Literature” by Chad Swanson, ER Physician and MPH student

“Micro credit and Health” by Todd Manwaring, Founder and Managing Director of the BYU Center for Economic Self-Reliance

“Health Interventions in Micro-Credit Programs: Experiences in India and Benin” by Kirk Dearden, Associate Professor of Public Health at Brigham Young University.

6:00-7:30: Dinner, discussion, and socialize. BRING A DISH OR SALAD TO SHARE

We hope you’ll join us!

The Utah Valley Global Health Group is committed to decreasing global health disparities by creating community, fostering collaboration, and announcing events and opportunities.


4 Responses to “April 7 Invitation”

  1. Nate G. said

    Hey Chad,
    I’m highly interested in micro-credit and have often wondered what you think of it as it relates to health issues. Sounds fun and interesting. I’ll see if Bon and I can come.

  2. chads said

    Thanks for stopping by, Nate. I hope to see you there. Once you make a final decision, be sure to RSVP at unacceptableglobalhealth@gmail.com.

  3. Joan Dixon said

    I’m very interested in the topics and the idea of linking health and microcredit. I’m planning to come, but will need to leave just before 7:00.

    Thanks for organizing this.


  4. chads said

    Hope to see you there, Joan. The meeting will be very informal, so come and go as you need to!

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