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Welcome, Ross!

Posted by chads on February 3, 2007

I am pleased to introduce Ross Hendrickson, a premed student at BYU
who will be serving as a liaison between this site and the BYU
undergraduate clubs. Please see below for his bio. Ross will be
giving periodic (monthly?) updates from the Students for International
Development, Students for Africa, Premed, and Nursing clubs. If you
know of any other BYU clubs that are involved in global health, please
contact us at unacceptableglobalhealth@gmail.com. Thanks for joining
me, Ross!

I am currently attending Brigham Young University studying Physiology and Developmental Biology and hope to apply and be accepted to medical school in two years. I haven’t always been focused on medicine but I feel that it is the best avenue to fulfill my desire to help people. It has taken a great deal of time for me to begin to understand myself enough to know what my primary drive is. Growing up I was involved with sports, music, theatre, art, and debate. Through these experiences I have come to understand my greatest joy is when I help people.

I served an LDS mission on the Island of Taiwan and after coming home I had a lot of questions to answer, the greatest being what exactly I was going to do with myself for the rest of my life. I originally planned on applying for the Marriot School of Business and minoring in Chinese; however after carefully pondering on my past experiences I realized has taught me that my joy is not derived from the size of my paycheck but by what I do with my time. I love to help people. This has driven me to find opportunities to be involved with organizations that do help people.

I currently serve on the Board of Directors for a small Non-Profit Corporation based in Salt Lake City that raises funds for a South African AIDs Clinic. I also am involved with two student clubs on campus, Students for Africa and Students for International Development. I have great faith in the innate goodness of mankind and that when we combine all those desires to serve others and ease suffering we can change the world. In order to change the world we must first change ourselves, and then provide the knowledge and an opportunity for others to change themselves.


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