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Scheduled Events

Posted by chads on December 1, 2006

I will be updating upcoming global-health related events and announcements at the “Announcements and Events” link at the top of this page.

I am convinced that social change comes about when people of different backgrounds with varied talents unite for a common cause, that “who you know is more important than what you know.” So, I’d like to get to know people, communicate, and collaborate. One way is through this blog. Here are a few other ideas for those of you that live close to Provo, Utah: (If you live elsewhere, perhaps you can organize get-togethers for people interested in global health!)

-“Global health Monday morning jog.” I will be jogging for 30 minutes every Monday morning at 6am, starting at the Richards Building at BYU. I will be starting on December 11, and will also be there on the 18th. I hope you’ll join me!

-Every 3 months some friends and I will be meeting for an informal, ethnic dinner, as well as discussion about global health. Our first meeting will be in early January; more details to follow… We hope you’ll join us!

-As noted here, our RESULTS group meeting the second Saturday of the month at 2198 JFSB (new building west of the library at BYU). The next meeting is on December 9.


One Response to “Scheduled Events”

  1. Jam said

    Great to see others blogging about global health (there seem to be so few).

    An event that might be of interest is the Ride for World Health 2007. Details via our post here:


    Keep up the great work!

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