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BYU’s MPH program

Posted by chads on December 1, 2006

Disclosure: I have no connection with BYU, or its MPH program (indeed, I’m an MPH student at a different school).

BYU has recently admitted its fifth class into its MPH (Masters of Public Health) program. The program’s emphasis is to

Promote community and family-centered health by training public health professionals to strategically plan, implement, and evaluate health promotion solutions that improve health and well-being. Emphasis is placed on reducing preventable diseases, injuries, and health disparities among under-served or at-risk populations in both domestic and international settings.

There are various professors and students involved in global health (this list is by no means comprehensive.):

Dr. Rob Clark (MPH Alumnus, 2006) was awarded the 2006 Student Award of International Health through the American Public Health Association. Dr. Clark was acknowledged for the outstanding quality of his paper, “Addressing asphyxia: A simplified skill-based approach to resuscitation training.” Reviewers recognized that “his assessment of the training was rigorous: and received the award in Boston, November 2006.

Kirk Dearden has extensive experience in global health projects, including nutrition, microcredit, and positive deviance.

Eugene Cole currently works with on a project with community advocacy and support for HIV-positive women in South Africa.

Steven Hawks has an interest in global malnutrition.

Len Novilla teaches international health and has experience in the Philippines.


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