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Why aren’t more Mormons involved in Global Health?

Posted by chads on November 27, 2006

It seems to me that Mormonism has all the right ingredients for a robust, well-organized, effective global health response. After all, we send thousands of missionaries all over the world to live amoung those that suffer from easily preventable and treatable ill-health. Our scriptures teach of helping those that suffer, and our leaders have taught it and continue to preach it.

I have met relatively few members of the LDS faith, however, who are dedicated to solving global health disparities in a sustained, systematic fashion. Why? Here are a few possibilities:

1. There ARE many Mormons involved in global health. I just have not met them yet. This very well may be the case; hopefully through this blog I can meet you!

2. The large families, chruch responsibilities, and other activities make a long-term committment to global health very difficult. Probably the case. Global health can be a very time and resource intensive undertaking.

3. The emphasis among Mormons is more on performing humanitarian service than it is on results. (More on this on a future blog!)

It seems to me that the truth is some combination of the three.

(Please note that I am not asking why the LDS Church is not more involved in global health. I recognize that the mission of the Church is not specifically to decrease health disparities, though it has done much to do so. For more on the mission of the LDS Church, see here. I am asking why more members themselves are not doing more independent of the Church. Please also note that I am not at all interested in criticizing or judging specific people, or groups of people. I’m sincerely wondering why there aren’t more LDS people involved in global health; it seems like there would be.)


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