Utah Valley Global Health Group

A blog about global health for those living in Utah Valley and their friends.


Posted by chads on November 19, 2006

Right now, this blog consists entirely of my ramblings. That would be fine, I guess, if I had all of the answers to the unacceptable global health disparities. Unfortunately, I don’t. So, I’m looking for co-bloggers and guest bloggers and other helpers. I think that about 8-10 people total would be ideal.

So, if you agree (or if you know someone that does) that something more must be done about the current global health situation, and if you think that a blog is a good way to share ideas, announce events, etc., email me at unacceptableglobalhealth@gmail.com.

Ideally, my co-bloggers would need at least as much experience OR motivation as I have (not too tough). For now, my blog is directed to the LDS (MORMON) and Utah Valley, Utah communities because they are my communities.

Don’t worry. I’d be willing to change the blog background, interface, (or even the name!). My goal isn’t to create a cool blog. Thanks!


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