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Posted by chads on October 26, 2006

Hello, and welcome to Unacceptable, a blog about global health. Frankly, I think that current global health disparities are unacceptable, but I’m not sure exactly what to do about them. Hence, this blog. You can learn more about me in the About Me section.

Here are some of my purposes in creating this blog:

  1. VENT. Like most bloggers, I guess, I’ve got stuff in my head that I think everyone else should hear about.
  2. CREATE COMMUNITY. I believe strongly that change comes about when people discuss, compromise, and collaborate. I’d like to get to know others interested in global health. I hope that this blog serves as a way to keep in touch over time, regardless of where we might be. Perhaps we can even make a difference.
  3. EXPLORE IDEAS. I’d like this to be a venue to discuss recent studies, news, and ideas related to global health.

Here are some of the ground-rules for commenting:

  1. There will be no tolerance for spam or advertisements.
  2. Civility and Respect will be expected. A variety of potentially sensitive subjects may be discussed, and I hope that people from a variety of professional, religious, political backgrounds feel welcome to participate. The only requirement is that all commenters have an interest in improving global health. I would be thrilled if economists, lawyers, atheists, public health specialists, epidemiologists, Muslims, stay-at-home moms, socialists, conservatives, and anyone else that is interested would join in the discussion!
  3. Discussions should be based on data when possible, and the limitations of data should be acknowledged. Endless arguments based soley on ideology or opinion is only rarely fruitful.

Here are a few of my plans for the blog:

  1. I will begin by posting at least weekly
  2. I hope to do a monthly book review. The first book will be Millions Saved: Proven Successes in Global Health by Ruth Levine.
  3. I hope to do a monthly article review, with a focus on the methodology. While my experience in statistics and scientific methodology is very limited, I think that everyone involved in global health should learn to read articles critically.
  4. I hope to have invited co-bloggers monthly.

By the way, I am totally new at this whole blogging thing, so comments/suggestions are welcome.



7 Responses to “WELCOME!”

  1. chads, this looks like a great idea for a blog. Thank you!

  2. Brett said

    Great site! I think a blog is an ideal forum for this discussion. An excellent paper was written by a duo of professors from the University of Chicago and George Washington University entitled, “The Power and Politics of Blogs”. (See link below)


    From the abstract:

    “Under specific circumstances – when key weblogs focus on a
    new or neglected issue – blogs can socially construct an agenda or interpretive frame that acts as a focal point for mainstream media, shaping and constraining the larger political debate.”

    This is a real-time, inexpensive and wide-reaching method of exchanging ideas. Taken seriously, it can also be used as a powerful political tool. I look forward to everyone’s input.

  3. chads said

    Serenity Valley: thanks for stopping by!

    Brett: blogging is fairly new to me. It does seem like an ideal medium for what I am trying to do, especially when a large number of people with different schedules are involved. We’ll see how it goes! Thanks for your comment.

  4. Johnna said

    ah, you’ve got a topic worth blogging on.

    I’m still reeling from reading _Mountains beyond Mountains._ by Tracy Kidder.

  5. chads said

    Thanks for stopping by, Johnna. Do you mind me asking how you found out about the blog?

    I, too, have read “Mountains beyond Mountains.” That will probably be my next book review. I was inspired, motivated, and a bit overwhelmed by Paul Farmer’s vision and committment.

  6. In case you’re interested, CGD has updated Ruth’s book Millions Saved and added several new cases (including one on vitamin A, I believe), which will be published in February 2007.

  7. chads said

    Jessica: I had heard something about an update. Thanks for the reminder. I hope you or Ruth will stop by in a few weeks when I review her book. It will be highly recommended.

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